Developer : Lee


So a little about me. I am from London and I first got into crypto in 2020, I had a bit of history prior but that just involves me passing up the chance at buying Bitcoin in 2011 so best forgotten.


I started on Binance, before travelling to the depths of BSC. Where I have remained for over a year. It’s a dangerous place in the lower end, there are many gems. But for every gem, there is plenty of evil.


You soon find the good guys and I have a network with good people I’ve met throughout my journey. I’ve been a part of many great communities, met brilliant developers, promoters, artists and everything else. I am part of the team behind mudra which is the most widely used liquidity locker on BSC.

With Ape Invasion I am hoping to give something back at an easily affordable mint price. These will lead to more drops and offerings. Follow the channels posted around the site.

Artist : Fred

NFT Artist, altcoin enthusiast. Enjoys meeting new apes, building relationships and supporting the longterm value of nfts.

Web Guy/ Graphics : Duxx

Early Defi adopter and steady optimist. Drives a Tesla but still pays to much gas. Wen Eth 2.0?

Marketing : Redone

Marketing, promotions. An encyclopedia of knowledge of everything blockchain.

Marketing : Lorna

Marketing, public relations, long time artist who hopes to her passion into one of the largest community of apes