(Q2 2022)

The first quarter is the most important stage of our development as it will allow for the growth of all future quarters we have in place. Pure an simply to sell out the collection of apes.

After this the sky is the limit

Contributing to the natural ecosystem is a very important element in our NFT operations, and leveraging the power of our brilliant community which will hopefully make a difference in the real world. AI seeks to work with organizations which have inspired us and hopefully be able to give something back to helping apes in the real world. We are serious on this and this will be looked into in the near future and will be one of our early targets.

Updates will be given on our progress within the community.



(Q3 2022)

Together, we’ve built the Ape Invasion NFT club – If you have been in our telegrams you will know this has been building slowly since Late 2021. You will know this is a seriously brill collection inspired by BAYC. We are making our own invaluable mark on the NFT space by delivering superior quality visuals (3000x3000 resolution) while building a special ecosystem for the AI members.

Our Project draws uncompromisable value from the vested community, thats why were committed so much to our holders. By apeing into AI, you gain access to an elevated lifestyle that will include perks like exclusive cool gifts, and so much more, including:

*Monthly airdrops & giveaways – AI NFTs, WL for collabs, gifts + much more!

*An exclusive Ape Invasion Merch Store

*AI School – Which is an exclusive NFT tutorial education resource (video, infographics, AMA...)

*Private holder channel in our discord

*Role verification with

*Chance to apply to join the Ape Invasion team (empower the AI Club with your special skills e.g. graphic design, social media and much more)


(Q3 2022)

A special reserve that will create a viable opportunity for new and/or small initiatives to hopefully launch and develop. Curated ideas from both the AI and the community can be selected to receive financial support from the Treasury. The Treasury will also fund any volunteer operations organized by the AI and its members, like beach and forest cleaning facilitated by AI members from all over the world! AI goodies gifted to all participants – Imagine what awesome photos we can get of Ape Invasion in action.


(Q3 2022)

Members which are holding 10 or more AI nfts will be granted entrance to an exclusive group and will be given very special advantages – monthly EXCLUSIVE airdrops and giveaways being just the start.

Dedicated VIP Services.

AI CONCIERGE – additional member support (buying/selling facilitators, merch or alpha help or priority, re-sale priority 24 hrs AI NFT offer, hack recovery with experimental NFT insurance options in co-development.

VIP AIRDROPS – AI NFTs, Legendaries, WL for our collabs and gifts.

ALPHA ACCESS – receiving high value NFTs in order to access alpha groups.

IP MERCH STORE – 1/1 creative item dedicated to your NFT ape for free after 6 months of holding it.

FREE MINTS along with project growth.


(Q4 2022)

A killer pfp community project! All AI with members having access to community activities!

*PARTIES – including: Virtual & real life

*AI School. Find out more about the original education resource centre

*Art and NFT Masterclass – Video tutorials and live AMAs with Fred and other AI artists showing the ropes on using the creative tools: Photoshop/ Illustrator and all the other apps to craft brilliant NFT art.

*Support on any community proposed eco-friendly initiatives

*Job Offers – available AI openings are given priority foe the community.

*Percentage of sale revenue will be applied back to the community.


Education Resource

(Q4 2022)

The AI school was setup to provide members with a safe and informed place to learn and level up in all things NFT, and no – this is not financial advice. Here as a community we will share insights and knowledge that should help increase the value of your portfolios, particular subjects being holding, whale strategy, Alpha influence, early stage tips, investing in the future and well beyond.

More than ever, we know we must navigate the NFT-sphere thoughtfully, staying clear of scams which pollute this space, by executing a path to success. Class is in session!

  • Live AMA’s over on Twitter Space to guide all experience levels on crypto basics (BSC, ETH, Defi, Stacking and so much more) based on NFT market challenges and developments


  • Comprehensive e-learning on starting on NFTS – i.e. “How to mint an NFT Safely”, “How to send an NFT from your online wallet to your hardware wallet” structured in a series of dynamic, motion graphics and educational info graphics, content created by our AI Creative Studio artists.


(Q4 2022)

The creative studio is our multimedia factory of content that not only allows for the generation of newly imagined 2D and 3D visuals and animations for the Ape Invasion, but also capable of producing thrilling motion graphics and animations for extended use with our other entities – commercials, video podcasts, shorts, music videos, the list is endless! With this very hype increase of value, you may start to ask yourself:

What does the future hold for you apes in motion?

As a community, our imaginations will take shape with use of the many professional-grade creative expressions offered by our studio:

*Graphic designing, Motion graphics & 2D animation production for social media, AI Merch & party visuals.

* VR and 3D development and research for the future of apes in the Metaverse

* Ape TV – casts updates on the latest Ape Invasion news and the AI School and more exciting storytelling based content.