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Ape Invasion is Inspired by the original Bored Ape Yacht Club and the many other ape clubs. Using the initial idea of others, mixed with our own inspirations, ideas, layers and traits, we hope to create the winning formula. Which will take AI it to the next level and way beyond.

Ape Invasion is a collection of 2000 apes invading BSC. Owning one will give access to future drops and stealth on coins created by some of the top developers on BSC. OG and whitelist available, check the community for all the latest news. This isn't a project where the developer is the all singing dancing master. The community has been slowly growing since January 2022. The community is what builds a project, decides how far it goes and where it goes. Everything is put to the community to decide together how we build and how we grow!


We  want the floor price to rise so nfts which remain unsold after the first 24 hours will be burnt, increasing the value of the ones minted. 200 will be held back for og members, the team and competitions. We hope to completely change the nft space by building a community first. Then creating value, by rewarding early investors into the ecosystem and building from the bottom up.

For those of you seeing this now, you are early, this is phase 1 and  there is lots in the works. By becoming part of the Ape Invasion as a holder and investor you will get early access to other nft drops, token offerings and become part of hopefully something special. Where together as a community we can work together and we can build and create something of value.

Our invasion begins on BSC.


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